Week of April 27th

Week of April 27th



How Groundhog’s Garden Grew

1. You should study the vocabulary word and use them in complete sentences.
2. Read the story and write about the beginning, middle, and end. Be sure to read your story each day. You can read it silently, to a family member, to a pet, or to some stuffed animals.
3. Log into RAZ Kids at least 3 times a week to practice reading activities. I have assigned some books for you to read and complete the quiz for. 


Clipart Owl Maths

1. Write 
numbers from 1-120. Put a circle around all of the EVEN numbers.
2. We are working with lines of symmetry this week. Go to 
Study Island on clever and complete activities for symmetry.
3. Draw three shapes that have at least one line of 

4. Log into ST Math 3 times a week to practice.

Owl with pencil | Owl clip art, Art, Clip art

Eating new foods can be an adventure. Some taste good and some do not. Describe a food that you ate and did NOT like.
You need to write 4 – 6 sentences about this topic.
Be sure to write a rough draft, edit, and then a final copy.