Week of May 11th

Week of May 11th



The Mysterious Tadpole

1. You should study the vocabulary words and use them in complete sentences. You need to log into study island and select the assignment titled "Vocabulary Words" and type your response.
2. Read the story. You can read it silently, to a family member, to a pet, or to some stuffed animals.
3. Log into study island and complete the assignment on Multiple Meaning Words. 
4. Log into RAZ Kids at least 3 times a week to practice reading activities.

SOLs: 2.7dg 2.5b
 Students will read the story fluently.
Students will summarize stories and events using the correct sequence.
Students will use knowledge of sentence structure to determine the meaning of unknown multiple meaning words.


Clipart Owl Maths

Complete pages labeled Day 8 in the 2nd Grade Math Home Review packet.
To review last week’s lesson on patterns, find objects around your home to create a growing pattern (increasing) and also create a repeating pattern.
Write four sentences to describe what the CORE of your pattern is, what objects you used in your patterns, how is your pattern growing (what is the rule for your pattern?) what will happen next in your pattern.
Complete the activities and answer the questions she asks during the lesson.
Write numbers from 1-120. Draw a square around the EVEN numbers and draw a circle around the ODD numbers.

SOLs: 2.14
 Students will use data from probability experiments to predict outcomes when the experiment is repeated.


Owl with pencil | Owl clip art, Art, Clip art

You will be writing about your opinion.
Be Kind!
This is your chance! The school bully has asked you why they should stop bullying and start being nice. Think about what you might say to make this bully change the way they act. Write a paragraph convincing the school bully to start being kind.

Monday: Brainstorm what you want to write about. You can draw the one below or just use it to look at.

Tuesday: Write your rough draft in complete sentences.
Wednesday: Check your work or have a family member correct your mistakes.
Thursday: Write your final copy in your neatest handwriting.
Friday: Type it into Study Island on the Writing Assignment.

SOLs: 2.10a-h, 2.11a-k
 Students will understand writing as a process. 
Students will use prewriting strategies.
Students will organize their writing.
Students will expand on their writing to include details.
Students will use the writing process to complete a final copy.