Week of May 18th

Week of May 18th



Two of Everything

1. You should study the vocabulary words and use them in complete sentences. You need to log into study island and select the assignment titled "Vocabulary Words" and type your response.
2. Read the story. You can read it silently, to a family member, to a pet, or to some stuffed animals.
3. Log into study island and complete the assignment on Synonyms and Antonyms. 
4. Log into RAZ Kids at least 3 times a week to practice reading activities.

SOLs: 2.6c, 2.8af
 Students will read the story fluently.
Students will preview a selection using text features.
Students will identify the main idea.
Students will use antonyms and synonyms.


Clipart Owl Maths

Skip Counting

SOLs: 2.2abc
 Students will count forward by 2's and 5's to 120.
Students will count forward and backward by 10's to 120.
Students will use objects to determine even and odd numbers


Owl with pencil | Owl clip art, Art, Clip art

You will be writing about your opinion.
Which holiday is the best to celebrate? Why?

Monday: Brainstorm what you want to write about. You can draw the one below or just use it to look at.

Tuesday: Write your rough draft in complete sentences.
Wednesday: Check your work or have a family member correct your mistakes.
Thursday: Write your final copy in your neatest handwriting.
Friday: Type it into Study Island on the Writing Assignment.

SOLs: 2.10a-h, 2.11a-k
 Students will understand writing as a process. 
Students will use prewriting strategies.
Students will organize their writing.
Students will expand on their writing to include details.
Students will use the writing process to complete a final copy.