Week of May 4th

Week of May 4th



The Dog that Dug for Dinosaurs

1. You should study the vocabulary word and use them in complete sentences. You need to log into study island and select the assignment titled "Vocabulary Words" and type your response.
2. Read the story. You can read it silently, to a family member, to a pet, or to some stuffed animals.
3. Log into study island and complete the assignment on conflict resolution. 
4. Log into RAZ Kids at least 3 times a week to practice reading activities.

SOLs: 2.7de 2.6e
 Students will read the story fluently.
Students will describe characters, setting and plot events in a fictional story. 
Students will identify the conflict and resolution of a situation.


Clipart Owl Maths

Review symmetry from previous weeks. Identify three objects around your house that are symmetrical. Write or draw the objects that you have found.

2. Mrs. Ritter will be posting a live video on patterns. Watch the video with Mrs. Ritter and create a repeating A BB A CCC A pattern. Complete pages (day 9) in first math packet. Complete pattern pages in second math packet.

3. Complete “ pattern” skills in Study Island. 

4. Mrs. Ritter will be posting another live video continuing to strengthen your skills on patterns. Find objects around your house that you can use to transfer the pattern she uses in the video. Write four sentences about your pattern. What objects did you use to create your pattern? What pattern did you create? What is the CORE of your pattern? What will the fifteenth object in your pattern be?
5. Be sure to log into ST Math at least 3 times this week for 20 minutes each.

SOLs: 2.16
 Students will identify, describe, create, extend, and transfer patterns found in objects, pictures, and numbers.


Owl with pencil | Owl clip art, Art, Clip art

You will be writing a descriptive story about the park. First, think about the park. Think about what it looks like, what it smells like, what it sounds like, and what it feels like. In the graphic organizer write about each of these senses. Then write a paragraph using those sentences.
Log into Study Island and complete this week's writing prompt.

SOLs: 2.10a-h, 2.11a-k
 Students will understand writing as a process. 
Students will use prewriting strategies.
Students will organize their writing.
Students will expand on their writing to include details.
Students will use the writing process to complete a final copy.