1.  What are the school hours?

     Buses begin arriving at 7:20 A.M.  The official day begins at 7:45 A.M and ends at 2:25 P. M.  Our after-school program begin immediately at the end of the school day and continue until 5:00 P.M.
2.  What are the characteristics of the after-school program?

     The after-school program is now in session.  Students receive applications from their teachers according to availability and need.  We have the Twenty-first Century After-School Program and the Title I After-School Program.  Both of these programs work together to provide the best instruction for the students.  Classrooms have a 10 to 1 student teacher ratio in order to provide intensive intervention for students in the subjects of reading and mathematics.
3.  May I eat lunch with my child?

      Yes, please stop in the front office to get a visitor's badge first.
4.  Who is the principal of Hurt Park Elementary School?

       Sharon Hicks is the principal of Hurt Park Elementary.