All About Mrs. Britt

Hello, My Name Is.....
Mrs. Britt

Mrs. Britt

Hi! I'm Mrs. Britt. I've taught 3rd grade for 3 years and have been teaching for 7 years. My favorite subject is science and I hope you enjoy learning too. 

I have two cats. Their names are Luna and Nostro, but we call them Daughter and Son.  They love to help me grade papers, by laying on the paper while I'm trying to check the answers. 

Luna Moon and Nostrodamas

When I am not working on school, I love to spend my time reading. My favorite author is Rick Riordan. I love science fiction books and books that teach me how to do something I didn't know how to do. What sort of books do you enjoy reading? 

My favorite books!

In my free time, I love to learn about making electricity work and designing buildings by playing Minecraft with my friends. I also enjoy writing stories about far away places and playing board games. What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?